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"There is such a powerful emotional content thredded throughout this music, it reminds me what music is all about, and anyone who can express their heart through music in this way will always be a firm favourite of mine. "

-Victory Rose Music

"But when David Beans from Cleveland, Ohio betakes himself into his studio to record The Loss and Recovery for two years, you feel the unlimited passion this EP is produced with."

- Post-Rock

David Beans is a musician/producer from Cleveland, Ohio, who combines the sounds of orchestral composition, synthesizers, 

electronics, vocals, and acoustic instrumentation to produce lush & cinematic music. Combining the resources of technology with a variety of instruments, David articulates raw emotions through songwriting that dabble into the genres of Pop, Indie Rock, Electronic and Post-Rock music.


David's first release in December of 2008,  The Loss and Recovery E.P, was a six-track collection of tunes exploring heartbreak and the typical challenge of overcoming loss. It was received with positive reviews from all over the world including Victory Rose Music and Post-Rock 

His first full-length record was titled, OK BOSS and released in 2017. This release was inspired and influenced by the loss of his father to cancer and the experiences obtained through his father's year-long battle with the disease. The title, OK BOSS, was the last text message David received from his father before he passed away the following day.


You Are Not Alone is David's second full-length record. It is inspired by his venture into fatherhood, the journey of marriage, and the challenges presented by the modern-day world. It is his first record to feature vocals on every song.

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