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you are not alone

okboss recordS // 2020

You Are Not Alone is a record about becoming a father and being a husband amidst all of our modern-day challenges. The joy, pride, and love combined with the fear, anxiety and at times, sense of helplessness with the responsibilities all of that entails. 

This record was created with the idea to overcome my personal artistic fear of singing and writing songs in a basic structure. When you become a father, all of your choices and actions are something you are now modeling for your child. I want my child to be brave, confident, and ambitious - I want her to know it's okay to try anything. 

This record was also created to help capture moments and emotions in both my journey into fatherhood as well as my marriage. The overall message of this record is that even when we are presented with the greatest of challenges, both internally and externally, we can prevail. 

My wife and daughter (and my next daughter arriving in March!) are the greatest things to ever happen to me - but sometimes I forget, and some days I don't show it. In the end, I know they deserve the best of me which is something I strive to improve every day. Ultimately, I want them both to know, especially in these times:

You Are Not Alone.

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